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“The Path is one for all, the means to reach the goal must vary with the Pilgrims.”—Voice of the Silence

The Divine Wisdom (theos-sophia) teaches a path whereby the student unfolds their own inner nature, through self-devised and self-induced efforts. The sages point the way, but each student’s experience is unique. Your path begins with whatever stirs your soul towards a higher aspiration.

The Collective Wisdom of humanity is a synthesis of the teachings of all the great sages, mystics and philosophers. Underlying and behind each is a Universal Doctrine with a similarity of Aim, Purpose and Teaching. It is this unified doctrine which we call Theosophy.

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Universal Brotherhood

The First Object of the original Theosophical Society is “to form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, colour, or creed.” Theosophy proposes that Oneness and Interdependence are facts of Nature and that Human Solidarity is a reflection of that fact. Learning to better exemplify our inherent Unity in practice is part of our shared journey.

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Human Perfectibility

Theosophy proposes a view of Evolution that includes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Humanity evolves together over countless ages, but individuals can hasten their mental and spiritual evolution through Self-Devised and Self-Induced Efforts. It is this doctrine that opens the possibility of the existence of more advanced humans—called Adepts and Mahatmas—who aid humanity in our evolution.

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One life is far too short to accomplish all that our Souls yearn to do! Theosophy, like nearly all ancient religions and philosophies, embraces the idea of Reincarnation as a necessity for our spiritual evolution. In ancient and modern traditions there is a vast and detailed doctrine about the passage of the Soul—or Reincarnating Ego—from life to life, with many intriguing ideas about after life states and the nature of our consciousness.

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Human justice often makes mistakes and fails to reflect the full truth of complex situations. But is there a Universal Justice that never errs? Theosophy, along with many ancient religions and philosophies, proposes that there is. While there is an inherent Harmony in the Universal Soul, we have free will and can deviate from that harmony in thought, word and action. Karma is the name given to that Law which counterbalances the effects of such deviations, thus sustaining Universal Harmony.

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Selected Writings

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The Papyrus of Ani—Initiation and the After-Life

By |May, 1982|

The idea that man has an immortal spiritual nature, or at least an ethereal body which survives death, has been expressed over the centuries in many ways. An important corollary to this idea is the existence of a series of planes or worlds originating in spiritual heights and increasing [...]

The Three Noble Teachers of Ancient China

By |September, 1972|

The following impromptu address was given during a long trip on a Chinese Cargo Liner. Each Sunday morning there was a short religious service during which one or another of the passengers spoke. On our way back to the United States it seemed wise, as all the officers and [...]

Living Messengers Called Words

By |September, 2015|

“When, O Lord of the Word, the Wise established Name-giving, the first principle of language, Their inmost essence, pristine and pure, Hidden deep within, was brought to light through love.” —Hymn to Vach, Rg Veda X, 71 We live in an age in which there is an unprecedented access [...]

“Children of Light”: A Commentary

By |July, 2015|

This present blog might be seen as an extension of a topic previously posted, “The Voice (of Conscience) and the guardian angel” as the two thoughts are interrelated, representing one meditation.  Before beginning this blog I would like to remind any future readers that this subject has incredible depths [...]

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