The General Secretary heartily thanks those Brethren who have responded to the call “To Theosophists Willing to Work,” and congratulates them that the number now reaches 47. Thousands of tracts are now on their beneficent way through the land. It may very well be that there are many Theosophists thoroughly sympathetic with this work, but unable, some to spare the time, others to pay the cost, of taking part. Several of the former have contributed the funds wherewith several of the latter have been set to work, and if those Brethren who have money but no time will donate money, and if those who have time but no money will donate time, the operations of the Tract-mailing Scheme can be enormously increased. The General Secretary, upon receiving a gift of money, supplies the necessary tracts and envelopes to the profferer of time, and the work goes on.

It is also suggested that any friend able to contribute both time and money, and thus personally participate in this missionary effort, should decide upon the sum he can at present spare and remit about one-third thereof to the General Secretary. Tracts to that amount will be sent him, and he will find that the stamped envelopes and newspapers just complete the sum to be expended.

One other thing. This is a scheme which should be permanent. It can go on year after year with the same benefit, for the country is vast and new towns are ever growing up. Each F. T. S. can feel that his efforts are helping to ensure the future of the Cause and of the Society, and can apply for a new field as soon as his resources enable him to do so. To missionize one town is no small gift: what would it not be to missionize several towns a year throughout life!