Within the mind and heart of every thoughtful individual there exists some vital question unanswered. Some subject is uppermost, and asserts itself obtrusively with greater persistency because he is obliged to deal with it without a visible prospect of a solution of the problem. As the center in a circle so is every individual with regard to his environment. At times it seems impossible for him to pass beyond the circle owing to one unanswered question. In obeying the command to do good we learn that by the interchange of different thoughts, these questions are often solved, sometimes by an unintentional word or phrase, which opens up a new view and starts one thinking in another direction, or in other ways. This interchange of question and answer is not only valuable to the questioner but also for the questioned, and brings both into a closer union of mutual interest.

In consequence of this view we express a wish that all who desire will ask their questions, to which an answer will be given. Perhaps not just such an answer as they look for, but it will be a sincere one from the standpoint of the questioned. The answers will be from one who seeks “the small old path”—a student like other mortals, and will be given as such, and not as autocratic or infallible. It is not intended to limit in any way, and all will be responded to, be they Jew, Gentile, Theosophist, Spiritualist, Pagan or Christian. Where permissible a certain portion will be published in THE PATH. The remainder will be answered by letter direct. All communications should be addressed, with return postage, to ZADOK, P.O. Box 2659, N.Y.