In the New York Sun of Sunday, July 20th, appeared an article by Dr. Elliott Coues of Washington, D.C., purporting to be an interview with a reporter, and consisting of voluminous and minute attacks upon the Theosophical Society, Col. Olcott, Madame Blavatsky, and myself. The language is coarse and violent, and the animus of the writer is so plainly disclosed that it might well serve as an ample answer to the attack. Inasmuch, however, as certain moral charges cannot be permitted utterance with impunity, I have brought suit for libel against both Dr. Coues and the “Sun,” and am awaiting instructions from Madame Blavatsky as to her own course. In the meantime it is proper to recall to members of the Theosophical Society, and not less so to others interested, the following facts:—

1st. That Dr. Coues repeatedly threatened me in time past that, unless made President of the American Section of the T.S., he would withdraw his own followers from the Section and break it up.

2nd. That in letters to Madame Blavatsky of Dec. 25, 1888, April l6th, 1889, and April 17th, 1889, he assures her of his devotion and friendship, but in that of April 16th repeats the threat that, unless made President, he will withdraw his followers and break up the Society.

3rd. That until June 22nd, 1889, Dr. Coues continued as a member of the Theosophical Society and as Acting-President of the local Branch in Washington.

4th. That on that date he was, by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee of the American Section, expelled from the Theosophical Society for defamation of character and untheosophical conduct.

His correspondence with Madame Blavatsky, together with other letters of like kind, was printed in a pamphlet on June 14th, 1889, and a copy of this pamphlet will now be sent to any one enclosing a stamp to my address.

P.O. Box 2659,
New York