The following is a collection of talks by Robert Crosbie which was compiled and published in book form posthumously.


The Foundation of Religion

Our God and Other Gods

The Kingly Mystery

The Recognition of Law

The Origin of Evil

What Reincarnates?

Real Memory

The Cause of Sorrow

What Survives after Death?

Can the Dead Communicate?

Sleep and Dreams

Instinct and Intuition

The Creative Will

Man, Visible and Invisible

Renunciation of Action

The Law of Correspondences

Culture of Concentration

Mental Healing and Hypnosis

The Occult Side of Nature

A League of Humanity

New Year’s Resolutions

Occult Knowledge

The Power of Suggestion

True Clairvoyance

True Morality

The Storehouse of Thought

The Language of the Soul

Theosophy in Daily Life

Three Kinds of Faith

Planetary Influences

Work for Theosophy