In addition to our ongoing Study Classes, we have several projects underway. If you would like to contribute to support our projects, please see our Contributions Page. If you would like to get involved, please Contact Us.

Digitization of Early Theosophical Writings. In this project we have gathered a library of early theosophical writings, which we are now digitizing into readable and searchable html formatted text. This includes much of the material already included in our digital Library, and involves transcribing writings from early theosophical publications, including books, periodicals, pamphlets, etc. Our current focus is the period of 1874-1892. Thus far we have uploaded over 2000 articles, translations, editorials, letters, etc.

Advanced Search Capabilities. We will be hiring a professional programmer to build an advanced search function. This will allow students to search through our database of theosophical writings while refining the search results by author, periodical, time range, topic, etc.

The Secret Doctrine Updated. In this project we have created a single-page digital edition of H. P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, based on the original 1888 edition, retaining its pagination and formatting. We are now combing through that edition and updating all terminology to modern standard spellings, including all romanizations or transliterations of non-English terms. We are also correcting misspellings, typos, formatting errors, etc. found in the original edition. The end goal of this project is to produce a searchable online edition of The Secret Doctrine for scholarly and study purposes. In addition to the text itself, a Table of Updates is being maintained, tracing all updates from the original edition with references to support each update.

When this project is completed, we will do the same for other books written by Blavatsky. The Voice of the Silence has already been completed in the same manner.

The Secret Doctrine Lexicon and Index-Dictionary. This project is a continuation of the above. Once The Secret Doctrine has been updated, we will compile all technical terms into a searchable Index-Dictionary. We also intend to develop Lexicon-like study aids.

A Concordance of the Writings of H. P. Blavatsky. This long term project involves updating the spellings of terms etc. throughout all the writings of Blavatsky, at which point the goal is to build a proper digital concordance which will function in much the same way as digital editions of Strong’s Biblical concordance (see, for example, at