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“The Elder Brothers of Humanity” Podcast, by Studio Vach.

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Masters are, in consequence of evolution and great effort continued through many lives, now at the point of physically, mentally and spiritually where adepts, and others striving, will be in the distant future. They are living men, only higher and holier than we are.  While They are truly living men, They may not be understood to be like ourselves.  They have bodies, but these bodies are made of the most highly refined and spiritualized matter—matter of which we have but the slight conception. . . . If we thus dimly grasp the nature of Masters, we will be able to reverence Them in our hearts, and to endeavor to draw near to Them in our innermost being; nor will we be deceived  by claims made by, and for, this or that person, nor take it for granted that books written with purpose of defining Master’s powers, place, or imagined individual characteristics, have any value whatever.  All such are mere speculations and an attempt in fact to drag those great Beings down to our plane of terrestrial conceptions—“a misuse of sacred names,” as H.P.B. wrote in The Key to Theosophy. Masters are facts in Nature, facts however which our highest ideals will not fully encompass.  Let us therefore endow Them with the highest we can conceive of, try to assimilate that “highest” within ourselves, endeavor to draw near to Them in our heart of hearts, and thus form for ourselves that line of communication which They have said They are always ready to help establish; and let us keep that ideal as a sacred thing in the repository of our hearts, not to be lightly thought of nor spoken of, but as a shrine of our highest aspirations, safely guarded from all intrusion, sacred and secret. Thus and thus only may we in time come to know Them face to face.—Robert Crosbie, Answers to Questions on the Ocean of Theosophy, pp. 27 etc.