Introductory Notes by H.P.B. to a Review by M. A. (Oxon)

We find a review in the Notes by the Way by “M. A. (Oxon)” of a book, often mentioned, but rarely seen by any one—“The Stars and the Earth”—which is so excellent that we republish it in full.

[Note: here followed the said review, to which HPB added the following initial footnote:]

“The Stars and the Earth,” Longon: Balliere, Tindall, and Cox, 1880.1 It may be also ordered through the Manager of The Theosophist, Price Rs. 1-4. Its authorship has, we believe, never been disclosed.2 From Mr. Ballière himself we had, when purchasing a copy of the original edition, some thirty years ago, the story of its publication. One day Mr. Ballière received by post the MSS of this little work, with a bank note for £50 and a letter of a few lines without signature, to the effect that this sum was sent to defray the costs of publication. Mr. R. A. Proctor, the astronomer, speaks most highly of it in a recent publication and, in fact, it has always been recognized as one of the ablest essays in contemporaneous literature. Does M. A. (Oxon) suspect its author?

1. The original is titled “Die Gestirne und die Weltgeschichte: Gedanken über Raum, Zeit und Ewigkeit,” published in 1846.

2. The original is signed simply “F. Y.” It has been attributed to Felix Eberty.