Introduction by H.P.B. to a letter by “Caledonian Theosophist”

Certain allegations by a “Caledonian Theosophist,” as to the spread of immoral ideas and even practices, in certain spiritualistic circles at London, were printed in the THEOSOPHIST for April last, and indignantly denounced by sundry correspondents in the number for July. The accuser was editorially called upon to make good his charges, and by returning post he sent the following communication. At the time of its arrival, the Editor was very ill, and shortly after went, under orders, to Sikkim to meet certain of the BROTHERS. The matter has thus been unavoidably delayed. The communication from London to our correspondent, we must say, puts a very grave aspect upon the case, and apparently warrants the position taken up by the latter, as well as our editorial strictures. It is, however, unfit for publication in these pages. Readers of Des Mousseaux will find similar examples of authenticated immoral relationships between mortals and elementaries, narrated in his “Mœurs et Pratiques des Demons,” and “Hauts Phenomenes de la Magic” (pp. 228 et seq.); and other authors, among them the Catholic Fathers, have described them. Recently a case in India, where the victim was actually killed by his horrid syren, and another in an adjacent country, where a most estimable lady was sacrificed, have come to our knowledge. It is a terrible contingency for the patrons of “Spirit materialization” to face, that too close intercourse with these moral vampires of materialized “guides,” may lead to spiritual ruin and even physical death. With this preface, we give place to our correspondent’s letter.

[Here followed the letter, which can be read in full here.]