The learned principal of Benares college—Dr. G. Thibaut—has laid us under obligations by the presentation of a copy of the paper On the Sûryaprajñapti, which he contributed to the journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (Vol. XLIX, part I). Dr. Thibaut’s essay upon the curious Jaina cosmological and astronomical system displays all that painstaking elaboration of the details of a subject under study, which is the characteristic of a true man of science, and—a marked trait of German scholars. It is probably within the truth to say that so careful a paper as the present can find but a very small number of appreciative readers in India, where officialism seems to destroy in a great measure the inclination for serious research. If such ripe minds as his would have sympathetic approval and aid they must seek them at home. Here, Badminton holds sway.