Letter Selections from “The ‘Rast Goftar’ in Hot Water” | Editor’s Note by H.P.B.

To the Editor of The Theosophist:

Madame—I never read a more ungenerous effusion from the pen of a Parsee than that which disgraces the columns of the Rast Goftar of the 19th instant, anent the recent lecture by Col. Olcott on the “Spirit of Zoroastrianism.” . . .

[Note: the letter continues, describing the critical remarks of the reviewer on Col. Olcott’s Lecture.]

One word more before I close. I am convinced (and I beg the Colonel will bear this in mind) that the utterances of the Rast, in this instance at least, are by no means representative utterances, and that the spirit of ingratitude which the article in question breathes, does not happily extend to the great mass of the Parsees who, I know, are deeply thankful to the Colonel for his disinterested effort on their behalf, and who, equally with the Colonel, long for the day when some enterprising souls among them may devote themselves to the ennobling task of seeking, in the direction but faintly indicated by the lecturer, for the sublime mysteries underlying the ceremonials of their time-honoured faith.

Editor’s Note. [H.P.B.]—We feel deeply grateful to our correspondent for the expression of his good feelings on behalf of our President. But as, we suspect, that in the long run it is the “dissatisfied” editor of the Rast Goftar who will find himself the best (as the most justly) abused of the two, we express beforehand our feeling of profound and sympathetic pity for him. Our Great Master Śâkya Muni has bequeathed and commanded us to love and commiserate all animals. And Plato, by classifying biped man among the latter, forces us to include in their number the wrathful editor of the Rast Goftar; hence, to love and commiserate him also. May his powers of speech never diminish and good sense develop accordingly!