Article Selections by C.C.M. and Onesimus | Notes by H.P.B.

[Note: for some background, see “Madame Blavatsky on “The Himalayan Brothers””. In The Theosophist for September, 1881, two articles followed “The Claims of Occultism”, wherein H.P.B., the T.S. and the “Brothers” are defended. H.P.B. added the following two notes, one to each of those articles.]

Theosophy and Spiritualism

To the Editor of “The Spiritualist.”

Sir,—I might perhaps leave you to settle accounts with your correspondent, J. K., and to demand from him the proofs of his assertions that the “phenomena attendant upon real adeptship are on an entirely different plane from Spiritualism.”1 . . .

1. One, signing himself J. K. in The [London] Spiritualist, and openly styling himself and permitting the Editor of that paper to introduce him as an “Adept” (!!) initiated into the Occult mysteries by a “Western Hierophant”—not only doubts the reality of the existence of Hindu and Tibetan “Brothers” or rather Raj-Yogis who are real adepts but goes so far as to hint that they are the creation of the Theosophist’s (read Madame Blavatsky) fancy.—Ed. Theos. [H.P.B.]

Why is it . . . that we believe the statements of mediums to the effects that the phenomena are independent of their conscious will and control . . .? It is because we see that this is evidently the case . . . Now what would be the proper and only possible verification . . . that the phenomena were caused by their own will and science? Obviously, just such proofs of selection and control as no medium can give, and which are attested by Mr. Sinnett and many others in relation to the phenomena occurring in the presence of Madame Blavatsky. To say that the whole point at issue rests on the unsupported statement of this lady is wholly to ignore the verification which gives that statement its only scientific value. . . . [etc., etc.]

The Study of the Occult

Spiritualists and Theosophists might well join hands, for both are engaged in the same pursuit—the study of the Occult. It is probably not owing to the “Brothers” that the modern wave of spirit manifestations in the West, has been during the last thirty years passing over society; yet, on the other hand (who knows?)2 it may be owing to the providential influence of the Himalayan mystic brotherhood, inasmuch as it is rumoured that from the elevation, spiritual as well as physical, of their mountain fastness, they exercise over the world the powers, of providence of a kind of petty gods. It may be that the whole movement of modern Spiritualism is owing to the ruling influence of these occult ministers to humanity; . . . The “Brothers,” perceiving that the world, moved by the Divine Spirit, is already marching that way, begin to go with the times, and are being won over to reveal some few of their secrets. . . .

2. True—“Who knows!”—Ed. Theos. [H.P.B.]