Introductory Note by H.P.B. to a Letter by “Paramahamsa Swami” on Advaita Philosophy

As the subjoined letter, comes from such a learned source, we do not feel justified in commenting upon it editorially, our personal knowledge of the Advaita doctrine being unquestionably very meagre when contrasted with that of a Paramahamsa. Yet we felt a strong suspicion that, whether owing to a mistranslation or an “original misconception” there was an error with regard to Tadpada, called herein the 8th principle. Hence—the footnotes by our learned brother T. Subba Row, to whom we turned over the MS. for reply. We know of no better authority in India in anything, concerning the esotericism of the Advaita philosophy.—Ed. [H.P.B.]

[Note: here followed the above-mentioned letter with T. Subba Row’s notes.]