[Note: in the pages of Lucifer, aphorisms or brief explanations of specific topics, like the following, often appear at the close of articles. These are presumed to be by H.P.B.]

When the unit thinks only of itself, the whole, which is built of units perishes, and the unit itself is destroyed.


What the true occultist seeks, is not knowledge, or growth, or happiness, or power, for himself; but having become conscious that the harmony of which he forms part is broken on the outer plane, he seeks the means to resolve that discord into a higher harmony.

This harmony is Theosophy—Divine or Universal Wisdom—the root whence have sprung all “religions,” that is all; “bonds which unite men together,” which is the true meaning of the word religion.

Therefore, Theosophy is not a “religion,” but religion itself, the very “binding of men together” in one Universal Brotherhood.