Letter to the Editor, from “A” F.T.S. | Reply by H.P.B.

In your instructive and interesting note to the article headed, “Tharana or Mesmerism,” published in the THEOSOPHIST for August, you say that the Hindu Occultist while practising Raja Yoga, hears the occult sounds as emanating from “Moola Adharam.”

I hear the occult sounds steadily and very clearly; and they constitute a powerful agency in concentrating my mind. One of the Upanishads, which specially treat of them, designates them (collectively) as Brahma Tarantara Nadaha; but I feel exceedingly anxious to know whether the venerable Himalayan Adepts recognise this practise as a mode of Raja Yoga; and, if so, what are the advantages, physical, mental and psychical, derivable from the hearing, to its thoroughly matured state? I, therefore, beg to be enlightened on the subject, as it is probably that many of our brethren would thankfully accept the information above solicited.

“A.” F.T.S.

Editor’s Note: Knowing very little (from the description given) of the nature of the “occult sounds” in question, we are unable to class them with any degree of certainty among the practices adopted by Raja Yoga. “Occult sounds” and occult or “Astral Light” are certainly the earliest form of manifestations obtained by Raja Yoga; but whether in this particular case it is the result of heredity or otherwise, we of course cannot decide from the scanty description given by our correspondent. Many are born with the faculty of clairaudience, others with that of clairvoyance—some, with both. [H.P.B.]