Obituary selections by A. de Bourbon | Note by H.P.B.


Death of the President of the
“Post Nubila Lux Theosophical Society.” . . .

To the Corresponding Secretary of the Parent Theosophical Society at Bombay.

Dear Madame and Sister,

I have the sad duty to announce, to the Headquarters of the Parent Theosophical Society, the passing away of our much-beloved President, Mr. Thomas von Stolk, at the age of 54.

He was a good man in the real sense of the word. . . . He was a wealthy man on earth, but used his means for the benefit of others. . . . He was a staunch Theosophist . . .

The Answer from the Corresponding Secretary.

Dear Sir and Brother,

It is with deep regret and a profound and respectful sympathy for the widow and children of our lamented Brother, Mr. Thomas von Stolk, that every member of our Society will hear of the sad news from Hague. Meanwhile, the Parent Body and the Theosophical Society of Bombay beg to send, through me, the expression of their heartfelt regrets and warm sympathies for their respected Sister and Fellow-Member, Mrs. Von Stolk. May she and her half-orphaned children gather strength and consolation in the conviction that the memory of the good husband and kind father they have lost, will never die in the grateful hearts of those who knew him.

Pray to convey to Mrs. Von Stolk on behalf of our President, Colonel H. S. Olcott, and myself, the assurance of our personal condolence and regrets. To many of us, the late Mr. Von Stolk is not dead, but only gone to a better and brighter existence.

Believe me, yours fraternally, and in profound sympathy,

H. P. Blavatsky, Corresponding Secretary, Parent Theosophical Society.
Bombay, March 15,1882.