Article Selections from “Magicon…” | Notes by H.P.B.

A stupendous revolution in the realm of spirit caused the source of all being to begin an immediate emanation of itself, and this divine emanation was primordial man. . . . Dwelling in the center of the square, he could view the whole of his realm, in all four directions and comprehend at once the past, present and future. He possessed the power over life and death of his inferiors, because he infused them with life by his presence, and his withdrawal caused their death.1

1. This death is spiritual death. When the communication between a human being and his divine immortal Atma, his “logos” is dissevered, the result will be the spiritual death of the man.

But he became unfaithful. Instead of governing the Sensuous, he confounded the four cardinal points of Light and Truth, and thereby deprived himself of Light. Instead of only watching the totality of his realm, he was attracted to a part of the same. He thereby became involved in senuosity, that is, he went from 4 to 9 and fell into darkness.2 That which to him formerly was a unity, now appeared to him as multiple and subdivided . . .

2. Number 4 represents the sacred square, which is the symbol of the manifested logos. 4 becomes 9 when the logos or the spiritual monad attaches itself to the remaining 5 principles in man. This is the descent of spirit into matter which is darkness.