Article selections by Lalla Maikoolal | Notes by H.P.B.

The following is the result of my meditations and I give it out for publication in The Theosophist. . . .

11. In the eight Siddhis is comprised, besides other powers, the ability to create “Kama rupa”1 whether of self or of any other object, to comprehend things at a distance . . . [etc.]

1. An illusionary form, one whose apparent solidity is a deception of the senses. Observers of “form manifestations” should ponder.

13. However useful, practically, this hidden power [power of will, or magnetic power] may be, and however commendable the efforts of the Theosophists to build on it a scientific system based on Western principles, the point should not be lost sight of, that the Siddhis of Yoga and the Tantras are only of secondary importance.2 The primary object of Yoga is to obtain . . . that concentration of the mind which is essential to the knowledge of self . . . [etc.]

2. For phenomenalistic purposes, yes—most assuredly. But our Indian brother must remember that the West knows nothing of the existence of such a power in man; and until it does know it there can be no truly scientific researches, especially in the department of Psychology.