Article Selections by Pestanji Dorabji Khandalawala | Notes by H.P.B.

. . . Man is a miniature universe, a child of its great namesake. He is a hidden world. God who is life has diffused life everywhere. All parts of the universe are full of souls. These are not gifted with intelligence. It is the peculiar privilege of man created in the image of God.1 The soul has a husky envelope, dead and dark, which is matter. Between spirit and matter is a third principle, Soul. It is the physical means of the universal life. Spirit, soul and matter: such is the trinity in nature. It is a duplicate of the Divine trinity. Man, too, has the trinity within himself.2 . . .

1. Who ever saw God, to know what his image is like? How does our Brother know?—Ed. [H.P.B.]

2. The seven knotted bamboo-staff of the Yogi is also a “trinity,” since, like everything else, it has two poles or ends and one middle part, yet the stick is a unity, so is matter, whether we call its upper subjective end spirit or its lower end—crystallized spirit.—Ed. [H.P.B.]