Letter by Raj Coomar Roy | Note by H.P.B.

The objects of the Theosophical Society are very laudable, and if they are realized by the Hindus, immense service will be rendered to mother India. I attach much importance to the second rule of the Society, which, if strictly followed, will, I make bold to say, materially help the regeneration of the children of the soil, and along with them the whole Aryavarta. We are called heathens, barbarous, by the occidental nations only because our books on science, philosophies, etc., are buried in oblivion, and more so because there is no trace of their existence in the present century. A nation can only be termed civilized or uncivilized according to its arts, sciences, literature, etc. It is therefore incumbent on the fellows and members of the Theosophical Society, Branches of which are established at every important station in India, to set themselves without loss of time in right earnest to resuscitate our books on
sciences, philosophies and arts and to publish them for the intelligent public.

The full complement of the Hinda Medical books (Ajurveda Sastra) cannot be found now, and hence the children of the soil who are receiving education in Western Sciences and imbibing Western ideas, do not hesitate to pronounce that we never possessed works on Chemistry, Botany and Surgery, and I had the mortification to hear on several occasions from men versed in the so-called exact sciences that the healing art never was studied and developed in India in the way it has been in Europe and America. Now the time has approached for the scales from the eyes of the Hindus being removed; they will then have the opportunity of obtaining a sight of India, as she was attired in precious garments not borrowed nor new, but manufactured long before Newton, Galileo, or Hippocrates saw the light.

Ajurveda Shastra is the parent of all western and modern Medical Sciences. This no one can deny, and every Arya is therefore in duty bound to try to restore it according to his might.

It is not idle to expect that those members of the Theosophical Society who have taken the Medical Science for their special study (whose number is not small, I presume) should be up and doing to bring out new Editions of Charaka, Susrutha, Bagvata, Bhavprokas  and host of other books of Aryan Rishis with necessary annotations. It is a pity that reliable tikas (notes and annotations) of ancient medical works now extant, Charaka and Susrutha, cannot be had in Bengal. I trust the opportune time has now come for the members and the sympathisers of the Society to form themselves into groups to promote tho study of the Aryan science and philosophy, and work in harmony for the religious, moral, social and intellectual regeneration of Bharatvarsha.

Will you or any of your numerous readers kindly enlighten me with the information as to how many books on Hindu Medical science are in existence, and what subjects they treat of?

I shall be highly obliged if you will be good enough to find a corner for this.

Raj Coomar Roy,
Assistant Secretary, T. S.
Jamalpur, 5th January 1884.

We publish the above letter with a view to place the excellent suggestions of our brother before Branch Societies and individual members desirous of doing some practical work for the good of their country and fellow-men. The bringing to light of long-forgotten Sanskrit works will not only revive the ancient learning of Aryavarta, but it will also prove to occidental scholars that the ancestors of those they now look down upon as of an “inferior race,” were intellectual, moral and spiritual giants. This part of theosophical work is the real link between the East and the West, uniting them both in a bond of Intellectual Brotherhood.

H. P. Blavatsky,
Corr. Secretary, Theosophical Society.