Note by H.P.B. on a condensed reproduction of “The Silver Hatchet,” by A. Conan Doyle.

[Note by H.P.B.:] We reprint this from a Christmas Annual, edited, we believe, by Mssrs. Ward, Lock and Co., in London. The story we have condensed, is worth perusal, since its subject is directly connected with occult sciences, the evil magnetism impressed upon any material object being shown, in its fatal influences, no idle superstition, but an occult, invisible power worthy of the most profound and careful investigation from our great scientific minds. The murderous influence impressed upon the hatchet, in this narrative, is of the same kind as the suicidal influence that lingered in a certain sentry box wherein over a dozen soldiers committed suicide, one after the other, a fact which happened in Germany, and the circumstances of which were well ascertained by official inquest.