Note by H.P.B. following an article on Mr. Laurence Oliphant, titled “Spiritual Miracles”

[Note: the article to which this note is appended recounts several instances of phenomena performed by dervishes at the home of a Sheikh in Damascus. The closing paragraph of the article reads:]

So far Mr. Oliphant, who does not seem to be aware that identical wondrous feats are and have immemorially been practiced in that furthest East, whence the Sheikh informed him the power originally came. There are secret circles in India in which, it is whispered, such miracles may be witnessed, and very likely Madame Blavatsky could, if she chose, have something to say upon the subject.—London Spiritualist.

Most undoubtedly she would have much to say; and, to begin with, that she never saw “miracles”—the very name of which she rejects with scorn—either in such “circles” or in any other. But she has witnessed most wondrous “phenomena,” and far more wonderful than any she has seen in Europe and America.—Ed. [H.P.B.]