Article selection from “Fundamental Truths Eternal” by Gilbert Elliot | Note by H.P.B.

[Dr. O.] Hahn in his work “Die Urselle”—The Original Cell—published in 1879, proved not only that the Laurentian rocks contain vestiges of algæ, which he rightly calls Eophyllum, instead of Eozoon, but that granite, gneiss, quartz, somo basalts, diamonds and even meteorites, contain in them vestiges of vegetable life. . . . At first it was objected that Hahn’s observations were fanciful . . . but this explanation was worthless to disprove evidence exhibited in thirty plates, containing three hundred figures, showing, as he says, results, which the modest microscope alone is capable of disclosing. . . . Hahn’s observations prove life to have existed inside meteorites.1

1. Please see in this connection the editorial answer to the article “Transmigration of Life Atoms” in our last number, and compare the above latest scientific speculations to our occult theory, viz., that there is neither organic nor inorganic matter or particles, but that every atom is permeated with Life—is in fine the vehicle of Life itself.

Kaff, also, in the article I have under treatment, notices the discovery of certain Maori documents, by Mr. White, Secretary of the Government of New Zealand, containing the Polynesian creation myth. This philosophic of Cannibalism evinces an Orphic, Chaldaic, Buddhist and Vedistic origin. The account is, that the first awakening, or rolling or moving of the original power “Po”2—was manifest by the first “Kore,” the nothing—or non-being, in the pre-undivided darkness, out of which came—separated by a certain space of time—“Tepo,” the night from which evolved the æons of time “Te-ka-punge,” . . .

2. Po—the Maoric word, reminds one of the Chinese Fo (Buddha) and the Tibetan Po-pha, Supreme Father, Adi-Buddha, the Enlightened, or Buddhi, primeval Wisdom. Philologists should give their attention to this word.