Note by H.P.B. on an Extract from the Poona Observer

The following is an extract from the Poona Observer and Civil and Military Gazette of October 24:—

“Mr. Gerald Massey, the poet, has become a Theosophist. ‘Massey’ on us! Who next?”

Editor’s Answer: [H.P.B.]—Not Mr. Gerald Massey, as far as we are aware, for he is not on the lists. Perchance the poet may be some day the “next,” but the Editor of the Poona Observer was the “next” preceding one, and no great acquisition for the Society either.

Comment by H.P.B. on an Letter

A. F. S. of Tinnevelly writes to us:

“The Padre Principal of our well known local Missionary College has been anxiously watching the progress of Theosophy, and from time to time expounding questions therewith connected in a complacent manner evidently to the great edification of his Hindu students. The latest development of his exegetic genius consisted in representing to the boys in open class that the recent Government Order published in the Supplement to the Theosophist for the last month marked the disapprobation bordering on contempt of Theosophical subjects on the part of the Government, that, on the whole, the order was if anything damaging to the cause, and that any other interpretation thereof necessarily argued a sad ignorance of the English language!!!”

Oh, Loyola, art thou not content to find so many Protestants among thy faithful followers and disciples?