Editorial Note on the Article “The Himalayan Brothers—Do they Exist?” by Mohini M. Chatterji

Editor’s Note. [H.P.B.]—Secondary evidence is no longer necessary. On November the 20th at 10 a.m. two telegrams were received by us, dated Lahore, one from Colonel Olcott, who notified us that he had been visited in person by Mahatma “K. H.” on the preceding night; and the other—from Mr. W. T. Brown, F.T.S. of the “London Lodge,” Theosophical Society, in these words: “Visited early this morning by Mahatma K. H. who left me a silk handkerchief as a memorial, etc.!” and today 22nd having telegraphed to both those gentlemen for permission to announce the long expected event in The Theosophist, we received an answer that not only could “Master’s visit be mentioned,” but that our President, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Damodar “had another call last night near their tent, the Master being accompanied in flesh and body by brother Djual Khool.” Unless Mr. W. T. Brown, to complete the trio, be classed by our Spiritualistic friends also among the “Occidental Humourists,” the question as to real existence of the Mahatma, is pretty well settled now. One witness may be mistaken as to facts, and even a doubt may be cast upon the evidence of two witnesses. But when it comes to the testimony of three or more witnesses speaking to a fact that occurred in their presence doubt would become absurd even in a Court of Justice. We have not yet received the particulars, but since we have been notified that Mahatma K. H. on his way to Siam would most likely pass via Madras in a week or so, we have every reason to suppose that our President and Mr. Brown saw the real, living body, not merely as before—the astral form of the Master.