Article selection from “Badrinath, the Mysterious”, by “a Swami who has seen it” | Note by H.P.B.

Half way up a peak of the Himalaya Mountains, called Dhavalagiri by the people inhabiting the place, and the equal of which cannot be found in the whole world, is the temple of Badrinath, one of the four most sacred places of the Hindus. . . . Holy men, of whom some keep themselves quite unknown to the world, while others who are known, carry on their sacred pursuits there. . . . Near Badranath . . . great ascetics, who are known only to very few persons, perform their holy functions. They have majestic appearances and are objects of great reverence to the ignorant hill-tribes living in the neighbourhood, who fear that these yogis may assume the forms of tigers and eat them up. . . . None but those who are Dhyani1 succeed in having their company. . . .

1. One who has succeeded in obtaining “Dhyana” is called “Dhyani.” By the word “Dhyana” is not here meant any knowledge but the knowledge of the mysterious laws of nature and consequently what is obtained by Yoga training. Until therefore a person reaches a certain degree of the knowledge of Yoga philosophy, he cannot see these Mahatmas.—ED. THEOS. [H.P.B.]