Permanganate of Potash, better known as Condy’s Fluid, has evidently a future before it. It is already the most popular of disinfectants; no good orthodox illness is considered complete without its presence; and now it is said to be an antidote to the virulent poison of the formidable cobra. In a letter written to The Indian Medical Gazette, Dr. Vincent Richards

“records an experiment in which a fatal dose of cobra poison was mixed with the permanganate, and the mixture injected into a vein, with no evil result. Should further experiments be equally successful, it is clear that a most valuable discovery has been made.”

And should Dr. Richards be prevailed upon to discover as valuable an antidote to the far more virulent poison of the slander-tongued Anglo-Indian missionary, the Theosophists and the “heathen” would vote him a statue—at the top of “Crow’s Nest” [the name of the T.S. Founder’s residence in Bombay].