A certain prince, born under an evil star, was cast out from the city, and fed by a certain woodman. So he came to think: “I am a woodman.” Knowing that he was living there, a certain minister told him: “You are no woodman, but a prince! “ And he, at once putting away the delusion that he was a woodman, takes on his true princely state, saying: “I am a King!

Thus, indeed, through kindly teaching, the soul learns: “Thou hast, verily, been sent forth by the primal Spirit, manifest only in pure consciousness. Of that Spirit, thou art a part! “ Then putting away the delusion of its material origin, the soul declares: “In that I am a son of the Eternal, I am the Eternal, and none other; nor am I subject to birth and death!” and thus rests on its own nature.