Letters That Have Helped Me, Vol. II., compiled by Jasper Niemand and Thomas Green. This is by far the most important Theosophical book published in recent years, and will, in all probability, stand even higher in the estimation of mystical students than the invaluable first series of the letters. It is the intimate revelation of a great soul, a most luminous and courageous spirit, one of the greatest who, by his heroism and wisdom has lightened the path in recent centuries. The first series of the letters was already a revelation of the rarest qualities of light and loving kindness, the keenest and most precious insight into the real laws of human
life, its spiritual and recondite powers, its eternal mysteries and splendid possibilities, and the whole was touched and illuminated with the charm of a rarely lovable personality, full of gentle, sparkling humor.

These qualities are all found in the second series of letters in equal fulness and excellence. And with them is found much more: there is the pure and undying heroism of the martyr, the pathetic and loyal charity of the prophet stoned, the invincible spirit of the last great victim of the world’s ignorant hatred of spiritual light, the record of one more unconquerable soul, added to the long, undying roll of honor, to the names of those who have suffered even unto the death, that light may be brought down to this nether world of darkness.

Toleration is a good thing; forgetfulness of past griefs is a good thing; a willingness for reconciliation is a good thing. Yet above all these stands, and in the estimation of mystics will ever stand, supreme and unswerving loyalty to the great ones who have labored and suffered for our liberation; and this loyalty must never be dimmed by counterfeits of true charity and toleration. The finest quality of the heart is unswerving loyalty to the Light, and how can it better be shown than in devotion, admiration and love, clear, outspoken, explicit, for those who have brought the Light, and helped to cherish the sacred fire in human hearts.

This volume of Letters is such an offering of devoted love to W. Q. Judge; and in the same spirit this review is written.