[Note: for some background, see: Classification of “Principles”]

It seems a pity that the time and energies of our brothers should be employed in a fruitless weighing of opposition technologies.

The Septenary Division has performed many valuable services, and has been the means of imparting much useful instruction to many of us. It has no doubt, from its complex and elaborate character, been the subject of certain misconceptions.

Very well.

The Quaternary Division has been of great value to many, and has enabled many valuable conceptions to be formed. It has, however, owing to its unfamiliarity to certain minds, been the cause of some confusion: again, very well. Let us do all we can to absorb all that is good in both classifications. There seems little doubt that the evolution of the true Theosophy is a slow and gradual process, and that, before its perfection is reached, many stepping stones must be used and set aside.

Let us then turn our efforts to the evolution of the true theosophy and cease to apply them to anything which will not aid this evolution.

Charles Johnston, F.T.S.
Dublin, June, 1887.