Buddha: The Life of Siddhartha Gautama by Jon Fergus

Light of Asia: The Great Renunciation by Edwin Arnold

The Buddha: His Life and Teaching by Piyadassi Thera

The Great Chronicle of Buddhas by Mingun Sayadaw

The Buddha by David Grubin (Documentary)

Traditional Biographical Sources

Buddhacharita by Asvagosha (Sanskrit)

The Buddhacarita, or Acts of the Buddha (Cantos 1-14) & The Buddha’s Mission and Last Journey (Cantos 15-28), tr. E. H. Johnston, D. Litt.

Buddhacarita: In Praise of the Buddha’s Acts, tr. Charles Willemen

Lalitavistara Sutra (Sanskrit)

The Play in Full: Lalitavistara, tr from Tibetan by Dharmachakra Translation Committee

The Lalita-Vistara, or Memiors of the Early Life of Sákya Siñha, tr. from Sanskrit Rájendralála Mitra (incl. only ch. 1-15 of 27)

Lalitavistara, translated by Bijoya Goswami, Asiatic Society, Calcutta, India, 2001


Nidana-Katha: The Story of the Lineage, tr. T.W. Rhys Davids


Mahavastu, tr. J. J. Jones (Vol. 1, 2, 3)


Buddhavamsa: Chronicle of the Buddhas, Chapter XXVI: The Twenty-Fifth Chronicle: The Lord Gotama, tr. I.B. Horner

Jataka Tales

The Jātaka, or Stories of the Buddha’s Former Births, E. B. Cowell

The Romantic Legend of Sâkya Buddha, tr. Samuel Beal

Selected Articles related to the Buddha

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