A new cycle has begun. The “turning inwards”—and homewards, of William Q. Judge was the signal for the dawn of a new day, long since promised by H.P.B. and by Masters. Far and wide throughout the Society an immense output of energy has already been felt. For months before the death of that body the greater part of W. Q. Judge’s force had been used in the weary task of preventing its untimely dissolution. Only when the right time had come, and all things had been made ready, did he leave it forever, and almost immediately the liberation of his energies was felt like a vast throb of unrestrainable enthusiasm that aroused the hearts of men who had for long been sleeping. His will, one- pointed and unbendable, instead of being slackened by the dissolution of his body, seemed to increase in power and influence, and the “Rajah”—as the real W.Q.J. was so often called—after taking one rapid survey of the whole Theosophical situation, appeared to throw his force North, South, East and West, taking up the work where he had momentarily dropped it, drawing closer the ties of comradeship here, strengthening the faint-hearted there, affecting those he called “the faithful” though separated by many thousands of miles, and in all ways insuring victory where the world expected and in some cases hoped for disaster.

A new cycle has begun. And though man will always mourn for those he calls the dead, and though it is but fitting that we should pause for a little while in loving memory of the friend whom so many of us loved more deeply than anything else on earth, let us not forget when all has been said and written that the only lasting memorial we can build to him will be one forged by our own thoughts and deeds on the model that his life and his teaching made so plain.

This new cycle was foreseen by H.P.B. and by the “Rajah” as one of regeneration and accomplishment. Since it began the responsibility of each unit in our ranks has increased tenfold, and upon the extent to which that personal responsibility is realized depends how far the whole world will be affected by the Theosophical movement in this and the next century.

Success is assured, but unless a victory is seized and used, it may cost more than many defeats. The greatest victory is only another opportunity. In the course of ages man may once come face to face with his chance, and grasping the sword of destiny may use it for his salvation or his everlasting shame. Here is the chance, here is the two-edged sword. The hour is ripe and the need is great. Where are God’s Warriors? They have answered the call before; they have seen the Light and know it, have flashed back instantaneous recognition. Will they linger now when the Light shines forth again? They cannot.

Each to his place then, and whether it be high or low the honor and reward will be equal. Putting aside all jealousy, all suspicion, fear and doubt, let there be one far-reaching forward movement, made with perfect trust, with certainty of aim, with overwhelming force. Then will death be swallowed up in victory and the loss of a beloved friend be made the means of universal gain.